Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New Age Women

I had always thought of myself as a new age woman.  After all, I simultaneously juggled education, career and motherhood, believing that donning a Wonder Woman outfit on many days would have certainly been appropriate. I had grown up with a stay-at-home mother whose life appeared to me as a series of constant routine of cleaning, laundry and nightly meals. As a child, I remember that I was determined not to be regulated to such a fate. I would have my own money, make my own decisions and embrace both my freedom and my power. However, after much thought, I have come to a rather startling conclusion that I never really had any monopoly on being a new age woman. While it may be coined as “new age”, in retrospect, there is nothing really “new” about it at all. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Basic Estate Plan - Highly Recommended!

In 2007, I lost someone I loved very much to cancer. From the date of diagnosis in June of that year until his death in August, it was a mad scramble to put his financial and emotional “house” in order. It was a difficult time for me, struggling with anticipatory grief and challenged by constant caretaking as his health and spirit declined. I was forced to participate in end-of-life decisions that we had not put a lot of thought into due to our middle age and plans for the future. Although it needed to be done, it was not the time to add more challenges to an already stressful situation.